The ClockClock Project

The ClockClock project explores how the passing of time can be shaped and transformed into a tangible, kinetic concept. Inspired by this question, the project was initiated in 2008 by Per Emanuelsson and Bastian Bischoff, the founders of Humans since 1982. Since then, their ambitious experimentation has resulted in large-scale artworks such as the A million Times series, as well as two lines of smaller works made available in limited editions: ClockClock 24 and ClockClock 9.

A million Times Editions

A million Times editions are the larger and more complex signature pieces of the studio. The project was first introduced to the art world in 2013 during the fairs in Dubai and Miami. Today's pieces are the result of a nearly decade long refinement of artistry and technology. Just as the ClockClock editions each A million Time artwork is hand-assembled in our studio in Stockholm, Sweden. A million Times editions are highly limited and the artworks are signed by the founders.

You will find all available A million Times pieces on our studio website:

A million Times Showroom

Humans since 1982

With a diverse and complex practice that transverses art, design and technology, Humans since 1982 defy easy categorisation. Their experimental sculptures and installations are driven by a shared curiosity and desire to make sense of the world, using technology as a mechanism to explore our motivations and anxieties. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, the growing interdisciplinary team comprises international specialists within technology, design and curation who collaborate to take Humans since 1982’s projects and exhibitions from concept to realisation.