How does ClockClock 24 move and what patterns does it show?
ClockClock 24 can operate in three different pre-programmed modes of choreography (Mode 1, Mode 2 or Mode 3) and two different time formats (12-or 24-hours formats).

Mode 1: Active
This mode contains ten different choreographies for display. Each minute, the clock hands come together to perform one of the ten choreographies before displaying the exact time in a digital typography. This mode is visually the liveliest of all modes.

Mode 2: Medium
This mode contains five different choreographies for display. Each minute, the clock hands come together to perform one of the five choreographies before displaying the exact time in a digital typography. This mode is visually elaborate without being too lively.

Mode 3: Quiet
This mode does not display any choreographies. Only the necessary clock hands will turn once each minute to display the exact time. This mode is visually simple and quiet.

Does ClockClock 24 make noises while operating?
ClockClock 24 make certain sounds that might be noticeable in very quiet surroundings.

Where is Clock Clock 24 made?
ClockClock 24 is made in and shipped from Sweden.


Will ClockClock 24 work in my country?
ClockClock 24 comes with a standard USB cable plug and a power adapter suitable for the standard power outlet of the country it is shipped to (supported power plug types: US, EU, China, UK, AUS. 120-230 V). To be covered under warranty we require you to only use the USB cable provided.

What are the ClockClock 24 power requirements?
The power requirements are: 120-230 V. A power adapter suitable for the country of delivery is included in the shipment. To be covered under warranty we require you to only use the power adapter provided.

What happens if there is a blackout/power cut?
ClockClock 24 has an in-built battery that keeps track of time in case of a blackout/ power cut. Once the power is back, it will resume from the actual time. You will not need to reset the time. 

Can I use a different power adapter from the one provided?
You must use the provided power adapter to be covered under warranty.


Can I install ClockClock 24 by myself or do I need a technician?
ClockClock 24 should be installed by someone with basic technical knowledge who fully understands the installation manual. As the artwork weighs 18 kg (40 lbs), two persons are required to mount ClockClock 24 on the wall. 

How do I install ClockClock 24?
ClockClock 24 is provided with a wall plate which is used to mount the artwork on the wall. Attachment fixtures are also provided, but please make sure that these are suitable for the material of the wall on which the artwork is to be mounted. Full instructions on how to install ClockClock 24 are included in the installation manual that comes with the artwork. 

How long is the ClockClock 24 power cable?
The ClockClock 24 power cable is 3 meters. 

How much does ClockClock 24 weigh?
ClockClock 24 weighs 18 kg (40 lbs).

Can I install ClockClock 24 with a hidden cable solution?
Yes, a hidden cable installation is possible. The ideal cable-free installation requires preparing the wall with a recessed power socket behind the artwork. Make sure the niche accommodates the power adaptor. When positioning the niche or the recessed wall plug behind the artwork make sure to leave space for mounting the wall plate and accessing the control area. Use suitable wall plugs and screws (max diameter of 6mm) to mount the ClockClock 24. 

Can ClockClock 24 be installed in outdoor locations? 
No, ClockClock 24 can only be installed in indoor locations. 

Note: Do not install ClockClock 24 in places with high levels of humidity. The artwork should never be exposed to direct sunlight, very high/low temperatures, moisture or strong vibrations. It should only be operated in temperatures between 10°C and 35°C (50°F to 95°F).

Can I unplug and store away ClockClock 24 for an extended period of time?
Yes, the clock will not take any damage by being unplugged and stored away for a longer period of time.


How long is ClockClock 24 protected under warranty?
ClockClock 24 comes with a warranty of 2 years, meaning that Humans since 1982 undertakes to provide remote support assistance and free mechanical or electrical spare parts for the artworks for 2 years. You can read our full Warranty, Complaints and Repairs Terms here:

Note: to be covered under warranty we require you to only use materials and accessories provided by Humans since 1982 when operating ClockClock 24. If you lose the power adapter or another accessory included in the ClockClock 24 shipment, please contact us at This includes using the original product packaging if the artwork is to be transported. Packaging instructions are included in the shipment. 

What do I do if ClockClock 24 is not functioning properly?
If your ClockClock 24 is damaged or not functioning properly, please contact us at support@clockclock.comPlease include a description of the error and images/video of the error in the message. Any maintenance or repair work should only be carried out by Humans since 1982 or an expert authorized by Humans since 1982. Do not attempt to repair or open ClockClock 24 yourself. 


Where can ClockClock 24 be shipped?
ClockClock 24 can be shipped worldwide.

What are the shipping rates for ClockClock 24?
The shipping rates for ClockClock 24 depends on the country of delivery and are calculated based on the purchase of 1 (one) item:

EU Free
UK 160 EUR
Switzerland 160 EUR
USA & Canada 180 EUR
Rest of the world
225 EUR

Note: Shipping to China is currently not possible.

How is ClockClock 24 shipped?
ClockClock 24 is shipped in a customized packaging box complete with a carrier’s handle. All packages are shipped directly to the client’s delivery location using the shipping company UPS. When your package has been shipped from our studio location in Stockholm, Sweden, you will be sent a shipping confirmation with a tracking number. Upon delivery of the package, you shall be notified by UPS via text message, phone call or email. In any case where you are not notified by UPS upon delivery of your package, the delivery of the package can be tracked using the provided UPS tracking number.

Is ClockClock 24 insured during shipping?
Yes, ClockClock 24 is insured by Humans since 1982 when shipped from our studio location in Stockholm, Sweden to you.


Can I return my ClockClock 24? 
You can exercise your right to return your ClockClock 24 within 14 days from when you have received the artwork. Please contact us at within 14 days of having received the artwork if you wish to return your ClockClock 24. You can read our full Cancellation and Return Policy here:

Note: In the case of exercising your right to return your ClockClock 24 within 14 days of delivery, you shall bear all costs connected to shipping the artwork back to our studio location in Stockholm, Sweden. You are responsible if the artwork is damaged during transit. This implies that Humans since 1982 will not care for shipping or insurance costs in the case of a return. 

For additional questions, please view our full Terms of Service here: or contact us at