ClockClock 9

ClockClock 9 is both a kinetic sculpture and functioning wall clock. It is the newest addition to the ongoing ClockClock project, distinguishable from its predecessors with its circular shape and the reduction of clock hands. The individual clock hands perform meticulous choreographies that are both minimal and pictorial, alternating between abstract and synchronized movement patterns. During regular intervals, the clock hands align to tell the time as an analogue clock. 

The work carries a disparate expression of tranquility and composure, aimed at sparking wonder and contemplation. The choreographic features hint towards traditions of conceptual dance, whilst the advanced technology situates the piece in a contemporary age of automation and mechanization. Inspired by the question of how to shape time, ClockClock 9 illustrates a constant interplay of chaos and order – a balancing act of movement and stillness. 

ClockClock 9 demonstrates Humans since 1982’s continuous engagement in conceptual complexity combined with technical precision and expert craftsmanship. Each piece is carefully assembled and shipped from Humans since 1982’s studio in Stockholm, Sweden.